Thursday, June 30, 2011

Baju sekolah tinggal 1

We bought 3 pairs of school uniform for Rayyan, and last night Ja was furious sebab dok rotate satu pasang je for the past 2 weeks. Nasib baik he only wears the uniform on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Tuesdays and Fridays the school allows him to wear the PE attire the whole day.

Nak kena gi cari kat sekolah dia at Lost & Found area.. we suspect dia tertinggal baju dia kat sekolah when he change into his Taekwondo attire... pastu I pun tak perasan masa nak jemput dia balik coz I told him to always put the baju sekolah back into the bag.. and he did that everytime, even when I didn't check on him. So now tetiba baju tinggal sepasang... nak kena beli lagi la ni.... pastu nak jahit badge dia, name tag dia.... Papa diala kena jahit! takpe.. suruh mama dia yang beli baju.. hehehe

Monday, June 27, 2011


Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Rendah (KSSR) is replacing the age-old, heavily scrutinised KBSR starting this year. Rayyan is in the first batch of students under the KSSR. Lucky? I hope...

Didn't get to go to Rayyan's school on "Report Card" day since I was sick.. and still am... they had this taklimat on KSSR.. they now do not rank students from #1 to #40 in class, nor do they grade the exam papers. They just mark the papers... and since each exam question is labelled with either Band 1, Band 2, up to Band 6 that signifies which level of competency they are testing the kids on, they just look at that.. and see at which Band the kids are fully competent and which one they are not.

More info on the KSSR here....

The underlying purpose is basically now, they are encouraging kids to talk and express themselves more on whatever they are learning in class.

Up to midterm, the Year 1 kids were tested up to Band 3. Alhamdulillah Rayyan achieved Band 3 for all his core subjects.. BM, English, Sains, and Matematik.

Those kids who only achieved Band 2 and below, they will be taken to another class as a group during that class period where another teacher will be there to teach them attentively..

A marked improvement to Malaysia's education system, the way I see it. Hopefully Rayyan excels in this KSSR environment :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

JB wedding trip 17-19 June

Ayla (3+), Reza (1+), Rayhana (2+)
(2nd cousins from 3 different grandparents who are brother and sisters)

Just came back from JB yesterday. A cousin of mine got married. Would love to see how his child gonna look like hehehe check this out... the baby would have Burmese, Malay, Indian, Arabic, Kadazandusun, etc blood... hehe cool..

Went to JB right after Rayyan got back from school last Friday. Ja took the day off. The nikah ceremony was held at a mosque near Pasir Gudang on Saturday morning. Left our hotel, M Suites, JB right after breakfast at 830am.

4 couples got married at the mosque that day.. so had to do sort of a "mass" nikah ceremony.. 1 khutbah, 1 doa, etc, but of course 4 akads :) It was an interesting sight as while the three couples wore white, the other couple wore red... hahaha probably ada cerita di sebalik baju merah tu.. we got bored waiting that we made our own stories.. why one of the couples the bride takde dalam masjid.... why the other couple ni wore red and not many family members were there to witness their ceremony lol!

Out of the 4 tu only our familylah yang nampak macam serious nak witness akad nikah ni..

Right after nikah, we adjourned to the bride's uncle's house for a lite snack while waiting for the bersanding ceremony (lunch) at the bride's house. Food was nice. Live kompang singing has an Indian-Islamic theme... so the beat macam bhangra pulak.. seronok si Rayhana berjoget dengan Ayla, her 2nd cousin.. tetiba je jadi best friends.. hehe dulu dok jumpa tak rapat pulak... hehe

After sanding, balik hotel.. was too tired to do anything else, so we slept... and slept somemore while Rayyan hit the pool with his "nenek kuih" haha - our aunty who makes kuih raya :)

That night ada final reception which was held at our hotel itself. The hotel could only accommodate about 260-280 pax camtu, so all kids kena pangku. Food was not so bad, entertainment was great.. live singing, family dance... they had the Jambatan Tamparuli (Kadazan song) where their whole family went to the front and danced.. pastu ada poco-poco jugak hahaha.. cool..

The next morning, we had a late breakfast, pastu, checked out, terus balik at around 11am camtu... sampai rumah around 3 something after having lunch at Seri Murni "Discovery" restaurant at Taipan USJ... food dia delicious!!! and cheap!!!

Didn't get the chance to ronda2 JB... maybe next time :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nak bagi duit kat orang...

Ja was picking up Rayhana from nursery when one of the teachers returned the change Ja paid for the fees the day before. Rayhana took the money and said that "Nana nak bagi orang!"

Nak bagi orang? Bagi sapa?

"Nana nak tengok tv besar, ada Kungfu Panda, and pop corn, pastu bagi duit kat orang.."

I guess now's the time to introduce the word "beli" and "buy" to her.. and oh.. "wayang" and "cinema" ..


Friday, June 03, 2011

Primary school reunion after 25 years!!

May 28th, 2011 was the date where me and few of my primary schoolmates got together at Bora Asmara for a reunion after 25 years! We have had meetings before, but this time our some of our friends and teachers flew from every corner of the world just to meet up after 25 years!

That's Mrs Anne who came earlier than the rest.. my dearest teacher who was responsible for each of 52 students in her class to get 5A's in the Std 5 peniliaian exam. She flew in from Perth, with her own collection of photos.

I was one of the members of the committee who organized the event. It was a great success. It's not so much about the food, venue, etc... meething these people back after 25 years was awesome!

I had a really great 6 years of primary school. Lots of things I learned, joined, and played, but at the same time we excelled in our studies!

Just for the record, I played badminton, ping-pong, handball, netball.. hehe, batu seremban, lompat getah, bottle caps, blowing (and decorating) ice-cream sticks, paper race cars (similar concept to the ice-cream sticks), chopping, etc.

It was also there that I was introduced to Happy Family, Snap, Old Maid, Chinese Chess (which I was really good at), Cluedo, Risk, Scrabble, those "eight jet engines with afterburner" playcards, Figurine Panini sticker books, Kalkitos..

I also joined the tarian group, masuk tilawah competition, pertandingan bercerita (which I won for the whole of Std 6 in my session), was picked by the teacher to be the person who recited the Rukunegara for 2 years (std 5 & 6) instead of the head prefect doing it, etc.

I actively participating in school sports day, representing my Serigala (red) house in 100m, 200m, 4x100m (which we won gold!) and long jump (hehe macam Carl Lewis pulak.. hehe), etc..

Didn't get to become prefect (although I always wanted to), but finally became class monitor in Std 6. I was a librarian as well, the pioneer batch, where I had to act reading a book when the late Tunku Abdul Rahman came to officiate the library.

And I still remember clearly how I got 494/500 for the total score of all 5 subjects in Std 2 and still got number 8 in class, hence 3 strokes of rotan from my dad (for getting 3 numbers above the agreed benchmark).

We had fun in SRK Kampung Tunku :)